How Music Benefits Your Child’s Early Development

Music, Songs, and Dancing Are a Part of Life Here at Storypod

          Here at Storypod, we understand what an amazing opportunity that music and audio provide to families to stimulate their children’s learning. Our interactive Audio Experiences are designed to support the crucial years of children’s brain development - especially their early childhood literacy skills.

          Researchers have found that music can accelerate a child’s brain development, especially in the regions responsible for their language comprehension and reading skills. Research has also shown that children who participate in interactive auditory learning (such as musical instrument training) have stronger speech processing centers in their brains.

Your child’s developing brain is working hard on the following skills:








Different musical activities can support your child throughout the different stages of their early development. 

          Music actively works to support a child’s healthy brain development. From soothing lullabies playing at a baby’s crib to learning motor control through action rhymes to developing a better sense of self by choosing favorite songs to strengthening speech and language centers in the brain when learning to play the clarinet: Music, songs, and dancing are a joyful way to support children. We at Storypod work hard to keep that joyful and music-infused approach to learning present throughout our Audio Experiences.

Together, we can grow lifelong learners who have a strong musical foundation.