How Storypod Supports the Healthy Development of Your Baby

How Storypod Supports the Healthy Development of Your Baby

Did you know that per the CDC, the ways in which a child’s brain develops from ages 0 - 8 will be the foundation that sets the stage for the rest of that child’s life? Providing children with a strong foundation in early childhood literacy and development skills is giving them the tools that they need to be successful and healthy individuals.

Parents and caregivers don’t have to wait to start building that foundation.

From as early as birth, children’s brains are rapidly learning, taking in sensory information, and processing the world around them. Storypod knows this and has designed content specifically for nurturing the early childhood developmental skills that babies are learning. The Journal of Paediatrics & Child Health has found that tactile (or kinesthetic) learning provides infants and young children with important sensory stimulation that facilitates their healthy growth and development. Storypod offers Crafties made from soft yarn that stimulate a baby’s tactile and kinesthetic learning through touch, as well as music-only Crafties that nourish the language-learning centers in an infant’s growing brain.

Storypod is here to help caregivers provide that strong foundation to their babies.

Children’s developing brains are more vulnerable to the blue-light given off by screens (such as on televisions, computers, phones, and tablets), which can disrupt their body’s circadian rhythm. The blue light emanating from screens suppresses the amount of melatonin being produced in children's brains at almost twice the rate that it does for adults. Harvard researchers have linked a lack of regular, healthy, sleep in young children to long-lasting negative effects such as attention span issues, underdeveloped emotional control, and a lack of healthy relationships.

Storypod is a screen-free approach to learning and entertainment.

With our audio-based Pathway to Learning, Storypod offers interactive stories, songs, dances, activities, trivia cards, audiobooks, and Crafties. The Journal of Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience has found that interactive audio experiences for infants and young children help to promote their brain plasticity. Neuroplasticity is important as it allows the brain to adapt, grow, and change due to a person’s experiences in the wider world.

Let’s take a look at how Storypod is designed to nurture a baby’s healthy development:

  • The most important thing a baby’s brain is doing is learning! It is learning around the clock. Storypod provides fun, engaging, and educational content and delivery that helps your little one process how the world around them works.
  • Connections in a baby’s brain are being created by their senses: sound, touch, sight, smell, and taste. Storypod’s audio speaker engages their hearing, works to strengthen their active-listening skills, encourages them to explore their sense of touch with Crafties and buttons, helps promote hand-eye coordination, creates brain connections with visual lights and activities included in the speaker’s features, and works to develop the whole-child by engaging their senses and comprehension.
  • When babies experience interactions with caregivers who are aware of the baby’s needs and consistently fulfill those needs in a warm, responsive, and caring manner their brains form even more connections and experience higher levels of growth. Storypod’s audio stories, music, activities, and immersive Audio Experiences are designed to be supportive. Providing young children with healthy and research-based education and entertainment options demonstrates your constant attentiveness to their needs and commitment to their healthy development.

The growth that a baby’s brain experiences in their early years sets the foundation for how that child’s brain will develop throughout their lifetime. Be sure to support the little ones in your life by providing them with helpful tools and experiences from day 1. Storypod grows with your child by providing content designed for ages 0 on up. As your children learn, grow, develop, and flourish Storypod is there to support you with screen-free Audio Experiences that make learning fun!