Why Stages and Not Ages?

Why Stages and Not Ages?

We believe that no two children are alike. Kids have unique interests and skills and they learn at their own pace.

We take an inclusive and stage-based approach to learning with fun audio-play that meets each child where they are in their development, focusing on skills and interests by stage rather than age.

          Here at Storypod, we are parents, educators, and caretakers who are constantly looking for new ways to support our children's early childhood literacy development while keeping them engaged and interested. We’ve heard from caretakers across the board (parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, daycares, schools, and many others) that there is an overwhelming need for effective and interactive education and entertainment that won’t be outgrown by children in a few short months or years.

We recognize this need. In response, we have created an engaging audio-platform for children (now in use by thousands of families) that:

  • Is a screen-free pathway to learning
  • Grows with a child’s individual development
  • Helps to reduce the negative effects that excessive screen time can have on early childhood development

          Our inclusive and joy-centered approach to learning and development acts as an educational roadmap, delivering relevant and developmentally appropriate content at each point of an individual child’s journey towards lifelong literacy and comprehension.

          No two children are alike. While age can be a helpful benchmark, age alone is not enough to effectively guide caretakers in providing the most beneficial content and experiences to grow children with strong developmental foundations.

The beginning stages of our “Pathway to Learning” focus heavily on “Social-Emotional Learning” (SEL). Research shows that SEL plays a critical role in:

  • Children learning how to healthily manage their emotions
  • Developing lifelong, strong, emotional-intelligence skills
  • High success rates in academic settings

          As we navigate a constantly changing world together, especially with the extensive cultural changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, it is more important than ever to provide young children with as much support as possible - especially with Social-Emotional Learning.

           As the children in your care progress along our “Pathway of Learning”, more core subjects become integrated into the content and experience, especially in regards to strengthening early childhood literacy skills.

          Our audiobooks and trivia cards present children with new and interactive ways of learning while reinforcing critical phonetic and reading skills that many children are currently struggling with.

          Wondering what stage your child is in? We provide caregivers with an easy, customized, online quiz that identifies each child’s unique needs, strengths, and areas for improvement! This allows us to work with caregivers to place each child at their best starting point on our screen-free pathway to learning.

Storypod’s online quiz takes into account:

  • Age
  • Grade-level
  • Developmental milestones
  • Interests
  • Recommendations from the CDC
  • Common Core Curriculum

          Here at Storypod, we know that it takes a village to raise a child. The growth that a baby’s brain experiences in their early years sets the foundation for how that child’s brain will develop throughout their lifetime. Parents, caregivers, teachers, librarians, doctors, friends, and family all contribute to the positive growth that children experience by providing them with helpful tools and resources from day 1! We’re here to be a part of that team - helping you provide your child with the strongest foundation possible.

As your children learn, grow, develop, and flourish, Storypod is here to support you with screen-free Audio Experiences that make learning fun!