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Hi! I'm iCraftie

A Craftie as special as you. You can record anything you want on me :)

Read your kids stories, tell them jokes, make funny voices with them... have a hoot!

1 iCraftie Owl is included the Storypod Starter Set:

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iCrafties are special audio characters that give you 100 minutes to make your own recordings using the Storypod app that your little ones will want to play over and over again!

How iCrafties work

Use the Storypod app to make your own recordings + invite family to send their own too!

Your recordings get sent through the cloud to your specified iCraftie, and your kid's Storypod will blink red when received.

Your kid plays your recordings by tapping his/her iCraftie on the Storypod! You can add/remove recordings in the Storypod app.

Have family read your kiddos stories from anywhere

Delight your tots with the magic of grandpa's voice even when he's not there to read them stories in person. Simply invite family to record onto your iCraftie via the Storypod app to start the magic!

Let your little ones be the stars of their own show

If your kids are anything like ours, they can spend hours entertaining themselves recording and listening to their voice.

Ready to delight your kiddos?

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iCrafties FAQ

iCrafties let you record your own content onto them. Simply download the Storypod app and place an iCraftie on a Wi-Fi connected Storypod — then tap into the iCraftie you see in the app to make recordings. Once you save your recording, it'll magically travel through the cloud onto your Storypod, and you can playback the recording by simply placing the iCraftie on the Storypod.

Nope. iCrafties have 100 minutes of blank storage space for you, your kiddos, and family and friends to make your own recordings.

You can invite family and friends to record onto your iCraftie using the Storypod app. Once you download the app, create your account, connect your Storypod and iCraftie, you can invite friends using their emails by tapping "Invite Member" in your iCraftie settings.

Yes! We'll be releasing many more characters so that you can choose the perfect character to represent your family and friends who will be recording onto them.

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