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Get the Most Out Of Your Starter Set With Amazing Content ✨

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Storypod Explorer Craftie Bundle
Explorer Craftie Bundle
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Storypod Craftie Bundles Small Variety Craftie Bundle
Small Variety Craftie Bundle
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Storypod Craftie Bundles Brainy Craftie Bundle
Brainy Craftie Bundle
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Meet the Storypod 🔮

The screenless audio system that engages kids through educational songs, stories, and interactive trivia.

How it works ✨

Little learners simply tap our special Crafties audio characters, Read-Along Books, or Trivia Cards on the Storypod speaker and voilà! They're immersed in amazing stories, songs, & interactive learning topics:

Kids tap any Craftie, Book, or Trivia Card deck on the Storypod to trigger its audio 🎵

Engaging stories, songs, and learning topics hook them day & night screen-free — in both English & Spanish! 🇺🇸🇪🇸 

Kids play and learn through trivia, memory games, self-recording, and more! 🧠

See It In Action

Reduce Your Kids' Screen Time

Screens are amazing for a lot of things, but overexposure to them can have devastating effects for children. Storypod will make your kids want to put their screens down, delighting them with hours of enriching, interactive audio entertainment.

Soothe Your Little Ones To Sleep

Do your kids beg you for “just one more story"? The Storypod's sleep timer and nightlight make it the perfect bedtime companion so your little ones can doze off listening to their favorite bedtime stories, lullabies, or white noise soundscapes.

Sharpen Your Children's Minds

Storypod's interactive storytelling with trivia questions ignites your children's imaginations and actively stimulates their cognition and creativity.

Delight Your Kiddos With Retold Classic Stories & Songs

Want to pass down all the classics you love from your childhood? Storypod passes on the timeless morals in these classics while portraying characters through a modern lens.

Ready to experience the magic?

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Storypod FAQ

The Storypod is a Wi-Fi connected speaker. Each Craftie, book, and trivia card has a special chip inside that triggers its content to play on the Storypod when tapped on it. In this initial tap, the content will download directly onto the Storypod so you can play it anywhere offline without Wi-Fi.

The Storypod was designed for active play and discovery, rather than passive listening. On the top of the Storypod, you'll find four buttons that light up with different colors when an interaction is enabled - for example, in a Game Craftie or a Trivia session.

Given our wide variety of content, Storypod can be enjoyed by kids of all ages! From lullabies to fairy tales to STEM trivia, there's something to enjoy for everyone from toddlers to grade-schoolers.

Even better! The Storypod can be personalized with interchangeable sleeves so your little ones can change designs as they fancy. There's all sorts of amazing colors and designs to choose from on Sleeves page.

Absolutely! The Storypod was intended to delight your tots wherever they go. Once content is downloaded while on Wi-Fi, the Storypod can be used offline. And it has a 10 hour battery life to keep the fun going all day.

The Storypod App lets you connect your Storypod to the internet and manage its settings. You can do things like set a max volume, turn on the nightlight, pick white noise tracks, invite friends to record to your iCrafties, change audio playback language, and vb more!

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