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Boost your child's brain with interactive audio flashcards

Storypod's audio Trivia Cards turn traditional question-and-answer decks into an irresistibly fun challenge for little learners 🧠

How it works

Tap a Trivia Card deck on the Storypod.

Refer to the illustration of the question being asked as its read aloud.

Press the right answer by pressing one of the four color buttons on the Storypod.

Delightful illustrations make knowledge building fun & easy

Encourage discovery of new concepts through fun imagery that'll make your little ones excited to learn!

Active interaction with feedback reinforces learning

Traditional flashcards can seem like a chore next to our interactive experience that turn this highly effective learning method into a fun, active game. When kids press their answer on The Storypod, they'll be rewarded with a cheer when correct or encouraged with a second chance when incorrect.

Get the trivia fun started

Age 5+
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Age 6+
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Age 5+
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Age 7+
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Trivia Cards FAQ

Each Storypod Trivia Card deck has a special chip in it that triggers its audio content when tapped on the Storypod. Each deck has 100 individual questions, which little learners can answer using buttons on The Storypod.

Definitely! We'll be releasing many more decks throughout the year for a variety of ages. Make sure you're subscribed to our newsletter to hear about releases and promotions!