5 Reasons Parents Are Raving About Storypod 🔥


🔮 Storypod is the screen-free audio player that fascinates little learners with amazing stories, songs, games & more through delightful audio characters, read-along books, and interactive trivia cards 🎶

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1. Engages Kids Independently 🧠

2. Makes Learning Fun 🤓 

3. Boosts Creativity 💡 

4.Improves Bedtime 💤 

5. Reduces screen time 🎶

So happy with our Storypod! This is the best educational toy we have found for our little guy. He's only 2 but is so engaged when the stories are playing. He smiles the whole time.



Kids simply tap our special audio characters, read-along audiobooks, or interactive flashcards on the Storypod and voilà! They're immersed in amazing stories, songs, & STEM learning topics — in both English & Español! 🇺🇸🇪🇸

1️⃣ Tap any Craftie or Book on the Storypod to trigger its audio content.

2️⃣ Engage with hours of amazing audio — from timeless classics to to fascinating originals.

3️⃣ Interact, play, and learn through trivia, memory games, self recording, and more!

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My kids are hooked. FYI, yours is the only device ever to be allowed to be on at bedtime.