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Audiobooks you can hold

Do your kids like books? Then they'll love Storypod's magical read-along audiobooks! ✨ By tapping our special books on the Storypod, your little readers can read along to dynamic audio narrations of fascinating stories that will help them develop their reading skills.

Simply tap our Read-Along Audiobooks on the Storypod and read along to dynamic narration with soundscapes! At the end of each book, your little ones can answer fun trivia questions by pressing buttons on the Storypod.

Makes learning to read fun & easy

Encourage reading comprehension and cognition with books that your kiddos won't want to put down. The best part is that they can independently enjoy these books with the audio as well as read them with you!

Fun trivia to develop reading comprehension

Interactive trivia at the end of each Storypod book is what most sets them apart from "normal" books. Your kids can have fun interactive with the Storypod as they reinforce what they've heard in the story! Kids can choose from four color options to answer multiple choice questions about the content.

Perfect for bedtime routines

If your kids are like ours, they beg for more than just ONE story per night. Our read-along audiobooks help your kids start their bedtime routine independently as you get ready to read with them before you tuck them in.

Build your Audiobook collection

Books FAQ

Each Storypod book has a special chip in it that triggers its audio content when tapped on the Storypod. The book's audio is a dynamic word-for-word narration with sound effects so that your kiddos can follow along to as they work on their reading. And at the end of each book, there's an interactive trivia section about the story!

Definitely! We'll be releasing many more Read-Along Audiobooks throughout the year, including your children's favorite books from popular publishers. Make sure you're subscribed to our newsletter to hear about releases and promotions!

Yes! At the end of each book, an interactive trivia session helps your kiddos reinforce what they heard in the story. Kids use the four color buttons on The Storypod to select their answer. The amount of questions varies by book but generally includes 10 questions.

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