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15 Feb 2021

My son is only 1, I thought he would be too young to enjoy it but I was wrong !! He adores the crafties and has already figured out how to turn it on, and even listen quietly for a few minutes (that's the longest I've been able to keep him quiet so far 😂). What an amazing product and I am looking forward to enjoy it for many years to come !!


29 Mar 2021

Literally the BEST thing I got for my baby. She loves dancing and singing along with her little friends. Can’t wait til I receive ALL of my crafties!!!!🔥🔥🙌❤️👏


8 Sep 2020

My kiddo love this! The moment he wakes up he's asking for it.  The Sheep lullabies are his favorite for now... Can't wait until my remaining crafties come in! 🐑


15 Feb 2021

Luli loves her SP, and carries it everywhere around the house. She cannot wait to get more crafties, and you should have seen her eyes light up when she saw that the book was a story AND trivia. :) ❤️


8 Sep 2020

 My daughter love this! The moment she wake up she is asking for it. Can't wait until my remaining crafties come in :)


29 Mar 2021

You just place a craftie and then it reads the story!! Brilliant! My two year old loves ❤️🔥🔥🙌❤️👏

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