Why Stories Are Essential to a Successful Bedtime Routine

          If you’re a parent, you know that children are always on the go. This energy can be an adventure, but it can also be a bit chaotic. It is crucial that as a parent, you create a firm anchor for the day in the form of a consistent, healthy bedtime routine.

          One of the best additions to a bedtime routine is story time. Bedtime stories have the power to calm children down while exercising their imagination. If a child goes to bed after hearing a story, they will have peaceful dreams that keep them asleep while also boosting their cognition and reflection. This article will outline the reasons why stories are an essential bedtime routine. 

Allows Decompression After Intense Days

          When you think of a long day, you probably imagine yourself after a hard day at work. But in many cases, a child can experience just as much stress throughout the day; however, vocalizing it can be hard for them.

          Throughout their time at school or in daycare, a child will be stimulated by the other children, games, toys, and teachers. A child learns from everything. They observe and notice when things change. When put into new scenarios, a child can often become frightened and nervous. Usually, it takes time for a child to become entirely comfortable in a new situation because it may be entirely new to them.

          A child expects comfort and familiarity when they come home. Many children can hold onto their issues throughout the day until they get back as they know they can fully express themselves. When it comes to bedtime, having a story with characters they recognize will help them decompress.

Boosts Memory and Cognition

          When you were in high-school or receiving your post-secondary education, you may have heard that if you studied before you went to bed, you were more likely to remember the content. It is a common practice among all ages of people but is even more impactful for toddlers.

          A toddler that is put to sleep by a bedtime story has a better chance of memorizing new vocabulary, heightening their literacy, and comprehension levels. Creating a bedtime routine that is story-centric will prove to be one of the greatest things you can do for your child’s brain. Not only does it lower their stress, but it also fills their dreams with reassuring and vocabulary rich content. If you read your child stories from a variety of genres, you can help them to learn a broader range of vocabulary. If you get in the habit of doing this every night, your child will soon grow to love this part of the day and start reaching for books on their own.

Tools For A Successful Bedtime Routine

  • Storypod - The screen-free, educational audio system for kids has become an essential tool in parents' bedtime toolkit. With a customizable bedtime mode complete with a built-in nightlight and white noise soundscapes, Storypod helps parents establish a successful bedtime routine and whisk their kids off to sleep with soothing songs and stories.
  • Black out curtains - Studies have shown that even a dim light can hinder a person's sleep cycles. Obviously, use your best judgement, and consult with your family pediatrician when determining how much light to use in your child's sleeping space.
  • Cooling mattress pad - With a wealth of data out there suggesting that cooler temperatures provide us with a sounder sleep, keeping cool while sleeping is a must. We really like the Chilipad. Previously only available for larger humans, they recently released a smaller version for children.

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