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Breakfast to Bedtime Bundle

Recommended for ages 0-3

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From starting their day with wake-up songs to learning about nature, friendship, and family to winding down for bedtime with familiar lullabies, the Breakfast to Bedtime Bundle helps strengthen your child’s healthy daily routines!

Building fun, educational, structures into their day with Melodee Moose and Sleepi Sheep helps children to feel secure, safe, and, supported!

What's in the Breakfast to Bedtime Bundle:

Simply place one of our smart audio characters called Crafties or our Read-Along Audiobooks on top of the Storypod and voilà! Your little learners are transported to an interactive audio world of classic and original stories, music, and STEM learning topics 🎶

What's the tech behind this magic? 🔮 Each Craftie and Book has a special chip inside that beams its content to play on the Storypod. And when you put them on for the first time, their content will download directly onto the Storypod so you can play them anywhere offline without Wi-Fi.