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Craftie Fox

Adventures of Discovery

Ages 3-6
83 minutes

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Content Summary

Meet Craftie Fox, the protagonist of Storypod's original universe created by educators to teach your kids about achieving anything they can imagine! ✨

Craftie Fox has the special power to build anything he can dream up! He lives in a magical oasis in nature called Wahzee, a beautiful place he works hard to keep safe from the scheming honey badger, Blurp. Have your little learners join Craftie Fox and his best pals, the Super Wahzees, on their fantastic adventures — in English & Español!


  1. Craftie Fox Theme Song (1:57)
  2. The Talent Show (19:24)
  3. The Brown Clouds (20:30)
  4. The Thirsty Camels (22:33)
  5. The Treasure Hunt (20:36)
  6. Storypod Goodbye Song (1:05)

Credits & Copyright

Created by Grammy Winning Artists 🏆

Writing: Anita Katz

Music: Arturo Cabrera Brambilla

Mixing: Yamin Benarroch