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Rolly Rover

A Courageous Vehicle Adventure

Recommended for Ages 2-4

Total Runtime: 45 minutes

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Zoom into a world of courage and community with Rolly Rover! Craftie Rover takes your child on an unforgettable journey, exploring the importance of bravery, helping friends, and the joy of trying new things.

A delightful story about Rolly Rover, a brave car who discovers the world and helps friends in need.

This Craftie Teaches About:

  • The Spirit of Exploration and Discovery
  • Perseverance Through Challenges
  • The Power of Friendship in Uncharted Territories
  • Valuing Diversity in Experiences and Companions
  • Courage, Resilience, and Adapting to Change
  • Vehicles and Their Unique Purposes


  1. Rolly Rover Introduction
  2. Rolly Rover’s Song
  3. Beginning Adventure
  4. Trying New Things Song
  5. Facing Fears
  6. Mighty Bridge Crossing Song
  7. Terry Taxi & the Flat Tire
  8. Lend a Hand to a Friend Song
  9. Myles Motorcycle & the Battery
  10. Kindness is important Song
  11. Benny Bus & the Bus Stop
  12. School Bus Song
  13. Malcolm Mail Truck & Greta Garbage Truck
  14. Cleaning Up
  15. Amy Ambulance & the Siren
  16. Safety Sirens Song
  17. Bob Bulldozer, Dana Dumptruck, Eddie Excavator, & the Blueprint
  18. Working Together Song
  19. Returning Home
  20. Helper Rolly Rover

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