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Highlights: Dance To The Music

Movement & Music Interactive Experience

Ages 3-5
64 minutes

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Content Summary

Let the rhythm guide the way! Introduce your little ones to the vibrant world of music and dance with our engaging activity cards titled "Dance to the Music". This pack of five activity cards provides an immersive musical journey into different genres, cultivating their listening skills, coordination, creativity, and appreciation for music. Partnering with Highlights, our activity card sets bring Highlights’ timeless content to life!

Embark on a musical journey as children are introduced to the unique characteristics and cultural origins of many genres of music. Discover the wide array of instruments used in jazz, folk, classical, blues, and Latin music, allowing children to explore their sounds and unique qualities. Engage in lively dance sessions and activities that capture the spirit and movements associated with each genre. From playing pretend instruments to learning about cultural traditions, the activity cards provide a well-rounded exploration of music and dance.

This Card Set Includes:

  1. Jazz
  2. Folk
  3. Classical
  4. Blues
  5. Latin

Learning Topics

  • Different music instruments in music genres
  • Understanding of different styles of music and dance
  • Enhancement of listening skills through interactive activities
  • Awareness of how dance and music can express emotion and reflect culture

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