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Imaginative Storytelling Learning Set

5 Years Old – Set 18

Ignite your child's imagination with the 'Imaginative Storytelling Learning Set,' featuring engaging stories and character-driven adventures that enhance creativity and problem-solving skills.

Teaches About:

  • Moral lessons and values found in classic tales
  • The power and joy of creativity
  • Embracing individuality
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While Storypod Audio Content can be enjoyed by children of all ages, children under 3 years old should only use Storypod under adult supervision.

In this Learning Set

  • Craftie Fox

    Craftie Fox

    Craftie Fox inspires your kids to achieve anything they can imagine. Fuel your little one's creativity with these fantastic learning adventures.

  • Shark


    This Pinna Original podcast takes kids on a wild, musical, fantastical story adventure that encourages body movements to keep the story moving.

  • Lola Dutch

    Lola Dutch

    "Lola Dutch" is an enchanting tale of imagination and adventure that celebrates the power of creativity, friendship, and embracing one's unique perspective.

  • The Classic Tales Collection

    The Classic Tales Collection

    Tap into enchantment with the 'Classic Tales Collection' Tokens from Storypod. Beloved stories, fresh twists, bilingual journeys for eager young minds!

  • The Popular Short Stories Collection

    The Popular Short Stories Collection

    Experience timeless tales anew with Storypod's 'Popular Short Stories Collection' Token! Stories in English & Español for delightful listening and learning.

  • The Animal Fables Collection

    The Animal Fables Collection

    Unlock a world of wisdom with Storypod's 'Animal Fables Collection' Tokens! Time-honored tales teach life's lessons in a tap, in English & Español.

    Imaginative Storytelling Activity Book

    Companion Activity Book

    Your child's favorite characters spring from audio to the page with the companion Activity Book included in this Learning Set.

    Kiddos get to touch, trace, and solve with familiar friends they've come to love, reinforcing the auditory skill-building.

    Imaginative Storytelling Activity Book

    Helps Your Child Practice:

    • Storytelling
    • Writing Letters
    • Creative Expression
    • Imaginative Play