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The Storypod Storybook Bundle

Recommended for ages 2-6

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Meet Storypod — the award-winning audio system that engages kids with multisensory stories, music, and skill-building at every stage through magical tap-to-play yarn audio characters, books, and trivia cards ✨

This exclusive Storypod bundle includes the Storypod Starter Set + Teo the Dreamy Bear, a bedtime audio experience from our partner Storybook, the award-winning app that helps over 2 million parents create consistent bedtime routines and shared moments of relaxation with their children.

Storybook improves sleep in babies and children through music and bedtime stories that incorporate breathing techniques and curated music for brain development, rest, and relaxation. Their mission is to strengthen the child-parent bond through quality time and healthy attachments.

Storybook's Teo the Dreamy Bear is the perfect bedtime companion! Guide your little one to rest with six chapters featuring a peaceful story, a meditation, and a Dreamy Music track designed by the award-winning bedtime app.

What's in The Storypod Storybook Bundle:

  • 1 Storypod Interactive Audio Player
    • + Carry Strap
    • + Micro-USB Charging Cable
    • + Teal Interchangeable Sleeve 
  • 2 Yarn Audio Characters

About Storybook:
Storybook is an application that combines bedtime stories with infant massage to improve sleep in babies and children. It also strengthens the child-parent bond through touch and creates special moments with easy and personalized techniques.

While Storypod Audio Content can be enjoyed by children of all ages, children under 3 years old should only use Storypod under adult supervision.