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Tracy Triceratops

First Day of School Prehistoric Adventures

Ages 5+
45 minutes

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Content Summary

Tracy is here to guide your child through a captivating musical journey back to the vibrant Cretaceous Period, blending dinosaur facts with delightful tales of friendship and discovery. As Tracy embarks on his first day in the Dinosaur School, he not only makes prehistoric pals, but also navigates challenges similar to those faced by 5-year-olds today. 

Discover unique traits and behaviors of dinosaurs like the Triceratops and T-Rex. Children can relate to common emotions like excitement, nervousness, and the joy of making new friends. Along with Tracy, your child will learn about experiences relatable to their own lives, making learning feel both familiar and exciting. 

Tracy Triceratops will engage young learners through listening activities, melodious songs, and engaging storytelling, inspiring children to discover and learn while having a blast!


  1. Introduction (0:10)
  2. "Your Friend Tracy!" Song (1:56)
  3. At Home Getting Ready for School (3:25)
  4. Listener Activity (2:06)
  5. Leaving for School (1:28)
  6. "Missing Home" Song (2:26)
  7. Meeting the Class (3:28)
  8. "Di-Da-Dinosaur" Song (2:28)
  9. Ice Breaker (2:06)
  10. "The Triceratops Way" Song (2:47)
  11. Class Creation (4:02)
  12. "When We Work as a Team" Song (1:42)
  13. Using Kind Words (3:46)
  14. Listener Activity (2:36)
  15. End of the School Day (4:21)
  16. "The Dinosaurs Learn All Around" Song (3:15)
  17. Closing (2:38)

Learning Topics

  • Dinosaurs of the Cretaceous Period
  • Relatable School Experiences
  • Musical Expression
  • Emotions & Problem Solving
  • Navigating School Challenges

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