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10 Autumn Enrichment Activities to Pair with Your Readings This Season

Enrichment activities are experiences that extend a child’s learning in various areas and help them to strengthen their skills. They are a fantastic way for children to discover new interests and are important for creating a positive attitude toward learning. Get your kids excited for autumn by pairing your fall reading classics with some simple, but engaging, seasonal activities.


  1. Fall Color by Sight Word - Strengthening sight word recognition is a breeze when you pair it with the mindfulness of coloring. Kids simply match words with the assigned color to complete their work of art.
  2. Candy Corn Alphabet - Use alphabet flashcards and candy corn to practice letter formation by having your child place these tiny treats over the lines of each letter. This is great for motor skills and can be done with popcorn or pumpkin seeds as well.


  1. Scavenger Hunt - Bring one of your favorite fall picture books with you to the farm, pumpkin patch, or woods and see how many items your child can find in real life! This is great for important scientific skills, like observation and inquiry.
  2. Bird Feeder - As birds prepare to fly south for the winter, they’ll be looking to stock up on body fat. Take this time of the year to read books about birds and migration. Then, create your own simple bird feeders by spreading peanut butter over toilet paper rolls or pine cones and rolling them in bird seed. Kids will love seeing all the different types of birds who come to visit!
  3. Nature Stamps - Pinecones, acorns, and veiny leaves can be carefully collected and observed by your little scientists. Have them “collect data” by pressing their specimens into play dough. “Ooh” and “ahh” over the intricate patterns of nature.


  1. Fall Leaf Wreath - Collecting colored leaves is a fall favorite. Why not extend that activity and encourage their creativity by making a simple autumn wreath? Press leaves between books to flatten them out and then arrange them onto a paper plate with the middle cut out.
  2. Leaf Pictures - Challenge your little one to use their imaginations and create pictures with their leaf collection. See if they can recreate The Three Little Bears or make their own characters.
  3. Harvest Printing - Slice seasonal fruits and veggies, (like apples, corn, and potatoes,) to create natural stamps. Dip them into paint or ink pads to create autumn pictures and patterns.

Tactile/Sensory Play

  1. Pumpkin and Apple Scrubbing - Little children enjoy water and love to feel like they’re helping. Encourage independence and motor skills by creating an apple and mini-pumpkin cleaning station. Partially fill a bin with water, a tiny bit of soap, and a few apples and pumpkins. Then see how much they enjoy scrubbing away!
  2. Apple Pie Sensory Bin - Sensory play is a mindful activity that encourages exploration, curiosity, and motor skills through touch. Create an apple pie sensory experience by filling a bin with oats, apples, cinnamon sticks, and green and red pom poms. Allow them the room to explore with safe kitchen tools, like plastic measuring cups, measuring spoons, and tongs.

The important thing about enrichment activities is that they are enjoyable enough to foster learning without even thinking about it. You’d be amazed by how much a child can discover with some simple, household materials and a little intentionality.

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