Our Story

Hello from Miami, FL, USA ☀️ Thanks for joining us in our mission to raise smart and healthy kids through the power of audio-play!

The idea for Storypod was born out of our concerns for the increasing dominance of screens in our daily lives — especially for our kids. The more we researched the troubling consequences of excessive screen time on children, the more we felt we had to do something about it.

One evening while introducing our daughters to our childhood story tapes, we thought of a way to modernize that experience into something we considered a brain-healthy alternative to screen time that could combine with tactile stage-based play, interactivity, and leverage audio story-telling and musix into the mix. Not only did our girls love our early prototypes, but we were thrilled to see the concept catch on with their friends!

Shortly after, we coined it the Storypod and put it on Kickstarter to see what other parents thought and were blown away to become the 2nd most crowdfunded toy in history in 2020! 🥳

The journey that since ensued has been the wildest ride of our lives as we've managed to launch a complex IoT hardware startup in the midst of a global pandemic — a feat we could never have done without the help of over amazing crowdfunding supporters around the world ❤️.

We're endlessly grateful to our community of early supporters for making this dream possible. We officially launched Storypod to the public in March 2021 and are thrilled to now offer families the gift of less screen time and more story time. 

With gratitude,

Loraine, Daniel, Sara, & Sophia