Storypod recordables

Delight Your Kids with Personalized Recordings from the Whole Fam

Invite family members from anywhere to record personalized messages, stories, and more using the free Storypod Parent app.

By touching any Recordable item on their Storypod, your little ones can replay these cherished recordings whenever they like!

How it works



Use the Storypod Parent app to record onto any Recordable



Allow family and friends to make their own recordings from anywhere



Kids light up when they touch the Recordable on the Storypod and hear their loved ones ❤️

Cuddly Playtime Fox

Our adorable and interactive Cuddly Playtime Fox delights your baby with the magic of brain-building audio inside a soft plush that's perfect for cuddling!

You and anyone you invite can record your own stories, songs, memories, meditations, jokes, or any other special audio your baby will love.

15 classic playtime songs to stimulate your baby's senses and develop music and language skills.

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Story Stickers

Record your own stories, songs, memories, meditations, jokes or anything you want onto special stickers you can easily place on things like books, photo albums, and birthday cards!

Turn your children's favorite books into read-along experiences narrated by their loved ones

Storify family photo albums into cherished audio memories

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Recordable Token

Create a personalized audio playlist of memories, lessons, songs or anything that your kids will love hearing with a simple tap on their Storypod.

Kids can customize their token with included stickers

Amaze your little ones with special stories and messages narrated by the people they love most

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