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The Only Learning-First Audio Play System For Kids

For Ages 0 to 6+

Completely Screen Free

Step by Step Learning

Designed by Educators

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An Award-Winning Learning System

How it works

Kids explore foundational learning concepts by touching physical items on top of the Storypod speaker – did we mention it feels like magic?

Storypod Learning Sets

A System That Grows with Your Child

The first years of your child's development are the most important. Pair Storypod with our stage-based Learning Sets to help them build foundational skills – while having a ton of fun.

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Big Technology

Built for Tiny Hands

The Storypod combines innovative technology with a natural touch-to-play interface, all designed to withstand years of worry-free listening and learning.

Made Just for Kids:

Soft kid-safe padding that resists drops, accidents and everyday adventures

360° surround sound that’s loud enough for dance parties and quiet enough for bedtime

Interchangeable color sleeves that are as easy to swap as changing socks

No microphones, no cameras, and no virtual assistants to protect safety and privacy

Explore the Storypod

Found on Storypod

  • Highlights for Kids on The Storypod
  • Penguin Random House on The Storypod
  • Fred Rogers Productions on The Storypod
  • The Jim Henson Company on The Storypod
  • Pinna on The Storypod

Our Experts

Flor Bromley

National Parenting Product Award (NAPPA) winner

Jacki Rubin

Speech Language Pathologist MA, CCC-SLP

Chris Dorman

Emmy Award-Winning Musician for Kids

Samantha Engel

Master of Arts in Teaching, Fairleigh Dickinson University

Meet Our Experts

What parents think

Storypod vs. Tonies/Yoto

Active Learning vs. Passive Listening

All the other kids speakers are just that – passive speakers. None of them have the interactive, stage-based experiences created exclusively for the Storypod.

Tonies & Yoto

Multiple content types incl. Crafties, Tokens, Books, Trivia Decks, and more

Only one type of content

Educator-designed Learning Sets build key skills

Little skills or educational focus

Interactive buttons that reinforce comprehension and learning

Passive listening only

Wide-ranging library with content made for ages 0-6+

Few very age-specific content items

Have Questions?

  • How much does the Storypod cost and what is included with my purchase?

    The Storypod is sold for $99 and includes a recordable iCraftie Owl, Story Sticker, and an interchangeable color sleeve. Additional content items can be purchased separately from our Content Library and start at $8.99.

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  • Do I need a subscription to use the Storypod?

    Nope! There is a free Storypod app that allows you to control your Storypod, manage your content, make recordings, and more. We do offer our educational Learning Sets as a part of an optional subscription for a 25% discount!
  • How does Storypod compare to Tonies/Yoto or other audio players?

    We are the ONLY learning first audio experience with a focus on educational entertainment for different stages. Our content is developed by a team of experts including educators, speech language pathologists, music therapists and more. We’re also the only audio player to use interactive buttons allowing for trivia and interaction to reinforce skills as your little learners listen. For a full comparison please see our Storypod versus others section.
  • Does the Storypod work offline?

    Yep! The first time you play new content, you must be connected to the internet and download the content using the app but after that, you can take your Storypod content anywhere with no internet connection. Perfect for car-rides and airplane trips, plus the included headphone jack makes it easy to travel with your Storypod.
  • How do the Recordables work?

    One of our customers' favorite features, our Recordables let you record your own voice using the Storypod app to the delight of your little ones ✨

    Recordables are perfect for creating personalized memories your kids will cherish. You can even invite family and friends far away to send their own recordings through our app! You simply activate the recordable product by first tapping it onto your Storypod device, then go to your Storypod App to record anything your kids will love, like stories, messages, jokes, meditations or prayers to name a few.