A pair of child's hands plays with a set of square blocks. At 3-years-old, your child will begin to recognize and sort shapes.

5 Shape Sorting Activities Your 3-Year-Old Will Love!

As children develop and grow, they start to understand and recognize the world around them in new ways. One of the key areas of development for young children is their ability to recognize shapes. It's fascinating to observe how 3-year-olds start to notice and identify the basic shapes that make up the world around them, such as circles, squares, triangles, and rectangles. As they become more aware of these shapes, they can start to categorize and differentiate them, which lays the foundation for more complex learning later in life. Encourage this new skill with a few fun, shape sorting activities!

  1. Shape Sorter Toy - One of the most classic shape sorting activities for toddlers is a shape sorter toy. These toys typically have a box or container with holes in different shapes, and a set of blocks that match those shapes. Toddlers can learn to identify and match shapes while also practicing fine motor skills as they manipulate the blocks.
  2. Play Dough Shape Matching - Another fun activity for a 3-year-old is to use play dough to create different shapes, then match those shapes to corresponding cutouts or outlines. This can be done with simple shapes like circles and squares, or more complex shapes like stars and hearts.
  3. Puzzle Shape Matching - Many toddler puzzles have pieces that match specific shapes, making them a great way for little ones to learn about different shapes and practice their problem-solving skills. These puzzles can come in a variety of themes, from animals to vehicles to favorite characters.
  4. Shape Hopscotch - For a more active shape sorting activity, try creating a shape hopscotch game. Use tape or chalk to create different shapes on the floor, then have your little one jump to the correct shape when you call it out. This activity can help little ones burn off some energy while also reinforcing shape recognition!
  5. Shape Hunt - Finally, try a shape hunt activity by hiding different shaped objects around the room or outside and having your toddler search for them. You can make it more challenging by asking them to find specific shapes or by hiding the objects in harder-to-reach places. This activity can be a great way to reinforce shape recognition while also getting some physical activity.

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