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Piper & The Dots

Play-Along Preschool Adventures

Recommended for Ages 2-5

Total Runtime: 47 minutes

Included in Learning Sets

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Blue Dot, along with Yellow and Red Dots, from the Pinna Original podcast Piper & The Dots, follow a playful preschooler named Piper as they embark on joyful adventures around their home and neighborhood. Tag along as Piper and the Dots splash in the bath, make pancakes, play on the playground, learn how to clean up, and get ready for bed!

Pinna Original podcast Piper & The Dots incorporates concepts of:

  • Motor Skills (clapping, tapping, knocking, mixing, shaking, jumping)
  • Musical Awareness (different instruments, sounds, and beats)
  • Emotions and feelings
  • Routine activities
  • Playing together, sharing, working together


  1. Bubbles 9 min
  2. Pancakes 8 min
  3. Playground 9 min
  4. Bedtime 8 min
  5. Clean Up 9 min

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