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Daniel Tiger

Songs & Stories about Friendship

Ages 2+
67 minutes
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Content Summary

🐯 “Hi neighbor! It’s me, Daniel Tiger. Do you want to make believe with me?“

Ride along with Daniel Tiger and his pals O the Owl, Katerina Kittycat, Prince Wednesday and Miss Elaina as they go on adventures, explore new challenges, and help each other along the way. Whether it’s at home, at school, or the doctor’s office, Daniel and his friends help preschoolers learn practical skills necessary for growing and developing. 

Perfect for fans of the universally loved show, the Daniel Tiger Craftie will make a grr-ific addition to your Craftie collection. With Storypod’s award winning production, original performances and songs from the beloved television series, The Daniel Tiger Craftie is an immersive audio experience that your little one is sure to enjoy again and again.

"Ugga Mugga!" 💛


  1. Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Theme Song (0:45)
  2. You Are Special (3:45)
  3. Daniel Is Special (3:56)
  4. Daniel Gets Frustrated (3:55)
  5. Frustration At School (3:29)
  6. Daniel Says I'm Sorry (4:36)
  7. Daniel Learns About Empathy (3:41)
  8. Empathy At School (3:31)
  9. Katerina Gets Mad (3:54)
  10. Daniel Tiger Gets Mad (5:05)
  11. Daniel Gets A Shot (5:09)
  12. Daniel Uses His Words (3:06)
  13. All Aboard (4:55)
  14. Problem Solver Daniel (3:41)
  15. Friends And Feelings (4:02)
  16. Daniel's Friends Say No (3:58)
  17. Daniel's Bedtime (5:53)

About Crafties

Crafties are lovable yarn audio characters that delight kids with songs, stories, and learning content when tapped on The Storypod ✨

Storypod Crafties are tested and appropriate for children of all ages. However, adult supervision is advised for all children under 3 years of age.