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Elinor Wonders Why™

Songs & Stories About Curiosity

Recommended for ages 2+

Total Runtime: 56 minutes

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Elinor - from the PBS KIDS® series Elinor Wonders Why™ - is a bunny who is very curious about the world around her and always wonders why! Her mom, Ranger Rabbit, helps to teach her all about the environment! Go on backyard adventures with Elinor and learn about curiosity, observation skills, friendship, and science!

Elinor Teaches Kids About: 

  • Inquiry and observation skills
  • Friendship
  • Science in an interactive and engaging way


  1. Why Do I Wonder? (02:31)
  2. Explore, Explore! (01:50)
  3. Jacques Cousteau / Underwater Exploration (03:12)
  4. We All Ask Questions (01:47)
  5. Why do Birds Have Feathers? (04:05)
  6. Irene Pepperburg (01:30)
  7. Why Birds Sing (00:50)
  8. Turtle Crossing (05:52)
  9. A Garden For All (03:49)
  10. Karen Washington (01:55)
  11. Backyard Soup (03:23)
  12. Dandy Dandelions (02:04)
  13. To Bee or not to Bee (01:50)
  14. Ynes Mexia (01:32)
  15. Butterfly Party (02:12)
  16. Butterfly Babies (01:40)
  17. Andre Greene / Fred and Norah Urquhart (03:08)
  18. Litterbug (01:45)
  19. Fireflies (03:36)
  20. Sneezes (02:10)
  21. Lydia Bourouiba (01:29)
  22. Bathtime (01:28)
  23. Rest is Best (03:01)


PBS KIDS® is a registered trademark of Public Broadcasting Service (PBS). The copyright in "Elinor Wonders Why™" and all related characters, logos, trademarks and design elements are owned by SHOE Ink, LLC. All rights reserved. 

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