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Excited Monster

Emotional Regulation Skill-Building

Recommended for ages 2-5

Total Runtime: 50 minutes

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Storypod's Emotional Learning Monsters are here to help kids learn how to deal with their emotions!

Co-written by a Social Thinking® Teacher/Certified Speech Language Pathologist, these Crafties provide your little ones with songs, stories and engaging activities centered around an emotion to help them manage their big feelings.

Join Excited Monster as they learn how to manage their big, excited feelings. When getting ready for the zoo, it can be hard to stop and wait, but Grown-Up Monster is there to teach Excited Monster how to stay excited in the safest way possible. When things are not moving quickly enough, help your little one to regulate their emotions.

Excited Monster Teaches Kids about:

  • How to identify fear body cues to create self-awareness
  • Emotional regulation techniques to manage big feelings
  • Practical songs to help navigate big feelings in the moment
  • How to empathize with others experiencing big feelings


  1. Introduction & Excited Monster Theme Song
  2. Introduction of Grown-Up Monster and Excitement Emotion
  3. What Being Excited Feels Like
  4. "Body Check-In" Song
  5. Getting Ready for the Zoo
  6. "Time To Brush My Teeth" Song
  7. Call a Friend & Breathing Activity
  8. Accidents Happen
  9. "Meal Time" Song
  10. In A Hurry / Check the Weather / What To Wear?
  11. Interactive Activity: Shout It Out Now! Getting Dressed - What Should Excited Monster Wear?
  12. Tangle Up / Using Breathing Technique / Birthday Candle Breaths
  13. Getting Dressed Song
  14. To the Zoo / Excited at the Zoo
  15. I know I can Song
  16. Going for Ice Cream / Trouble at Ice Cream / Long Lines, More Frustration / Popsicle Time / Accidents Happen
  17. Interactive Activity: Shake and Breathe
  18. I can Calm My Body Song
  19. Interactive Activity: Simon Says / How Do You Feel Now? / You Did It! / A Celebration / Send Those Big Feelings Away!
  20. "I Feel Better"
  21. Storypod Closing Song
Co-Written by Jacki Rubin
Music by Megan Schoenbohm, Nisha Asnani and Dave Berg
Voice Acting by Harrison O'Callaghan and Teajuana Scott
Recording, sound design, mixing and mastering by Scantic River Productions

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