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Geronimo Stilton #2: The Curse of the Cheese Pyramid

Award-Winning Children's Series

Ages 6+
72 minutes
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Content Summary

Storypod is proud to present our new line of colorful, stackable, magnetic Tokens! The perfect way to collect captivating stories, these Tokens bring your child just one tap away from unlocking audio experiences that will bring them joy while developing foundational listening comprehension and vocabulary.

Travel along with Geronimo as he journeys from New Mouse City to Egypt to interview a famous archeologist and learn about the Seven Wonders of the Ancient Mouse World! In this installment of the widely popular children’s series, mouse-journalist Geronimo must brave through flimsy flights and shady ships to appease his penny-pinching grandfather and procure a story for the family paper, The Rodent Gazette. Filled with camel rides, hieroglyphics, and a pharaoh's curse, this Token will teach your child about geography, mythology, and history in a way that will keep them laughing and listening for more!


  1. Chapter 1: Wake Up! What Uuuuuuuuup! (2:18)
  2. Chapter 2: My Wallet Bleeds (5:33)
  3. Chapter 3: I Fired Them All! (2:48)
  4. Chapter 4: Geronimo, Do This! Geronimo, Do That! (4:20)
  5. Chapter 5: Good Luck! (3:00)
  6. Chapter 6: Curdle Me Sour!! (5:18)
  7. Chapter 7: How Do You Do? I'm Daniel E. Deadfur! (3:22)
  8. Chapter 8: Frozen with Fear! (2:52)
  9. Chapter 9: Professor Alrat Spitfur (3:33)
  10. Chapter 10: Oh, What a Day! (1:22)
  11. Chapter 11: What A Smell, What A Stench! (2:59)
  12. Chapter 12: The Eye of Ra (1:36)
  13. Chapter 13: The Secret of the Pyramids (3:14)
  14. Chapter 14: The Pharaoh's Curse (2:38)
  15. Chapter 15: Bastet, The Cat Goddess (2:34)
  16. Chapter 16: Invention? What Invention? (3:09)
  17. Chapter 17: A Floating Piece of Dynamite (3:20)
  18. Chapter 18: Pssst, Psssssssst... Hey, Stilton! (0:57)
  19. Chapter 19: Blue Cheese Shakes (1:26)
  20. Chapter 20: Friends Together! Mice Forever! (2:19)
  21. Chapter 21: I'm Such A Genius! (2:25)
  22. Chapter 22: Who's Paying??? (2:55)
  23. Chapter 23: Crocodile Tears and Salamander Slime (2:11)
  24. Chapter 24: We'll Make Megabucks! (1:20)
  25. Chapter 25: Grandfather Again? (2:27)
  26. The Curse of the Cheese Pyramid: Credits (0:34)

Learning Topics

  • Overcoming Fears
  • Friendship & Family
  • Teamwork

Credits & Copyright

Narrated by: Edward Herrmann
© 2022 Aty. All Rights Reserved.
â„— 2004 by Random House, Inc. From an idea by Elisabetta Dami.

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