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Happy Monster

Emotional Regulation Skill-Building

Ages 2-5
41 minutes

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Content Summary

Welcome to the world of Storypod's Emotional Learning Monsters, featuring our newest monster friend - Happy Monster!

In collaboration with a Social Thinking® Teacher/Certified Speech Language Pathologist, Happy Monster provides songs, stories, and stimulating activities that equip your child with an understanding of happiness and how to express it in a healthy way.

Join Happy Monster and monster friends as they journey through real-world events. Whether it's a birthday party or a surprise event, Happy Monster learns to comprehend, share, and manage their feelings through increased self-awareness, empowering songs, and interactive exercises. Your child will explore feelings of happiness and other big emotions alongside Happy Monster with strategies for overwhelming feelings, promoting emotional balance and resilience. It's not just about identifying emotions; it's about appreciating them, understanding them, and managing them effectively.


    1. Introduction & Happy Monster Theme Song (2:35)
    2. Introduction of Grown-Up Monster (2:45)
    3. Shout It Out Now! (1:22)
    4. Body-Check Song (1:53)
    5. Birthday Surprise (3:02)
    6. Celebrate Life Song (1:37)
    7. Learning To Fly A Kite (4:53)
    8. Positive Self-Talk Song (1:51)
    9. Marching Activity (3:19)
    10. Shout It Out Now! (1:35)
    11. Learning From Your Mistakes (4:16)
    12. What Does It Mean to Grow Song (2:07)
    13. Final Activity (2:03)
    14. Heart Feels Full Song (2:47)
    15. Closing (2:03)
    16. I Feel Better Song (2:14)
    17. "Storypod Goodbye" Song (1:05)

    Learning Topics

    • Identifying feelings of happiness
    • Appreciating the feeling of happiness & other emotions
    • Emotional regulation & techniques to manage big feelings
    • Practical songs to help navigate big feelings in the moment
    • How to empathize with others experiencing big feelings

    Credits & Copyright

    Co-Written by Jacki Rubin
    Music by Scantic River Productions
    Voice Acting by Teajuana Scott
    Recording, sound design, mixing and mastering by Scantic River Productions

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