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Highlights: Love & Family

Appreciating Family Bonds Interactive Experience

Ages 3-5
74 minutes

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Content Summary

Ignite your child's imagination and playfulness with our Love & Family Activity Card Set. Developed for children ages 3-5, this fun-filled audio experience is filled with stories, poems, questions, facts, jokes, movement activities, and imaginative games that inspire play and engagement. Each set includes five unique cards, delivering different educational and entertaining content.

In collaboration with Highlights, renowned for their trusted and timeless content, our Love & Family activity cards explore themes of love, support, kindness, and cooperation, strengthening the understanding of family values. Through carefully crafted narratives and associated interactive activities, children learn how to support one another in positive ways. Examples of acts of kindness reinforce the importance of lending a helping hand. The importance of playing together and teamwork is taught through stories highlighting cooperative play, paired with movement and music activities, instilling in children the essence of teamwork and collaboration. From kindness & caring to lending a helping hand, no one has your back like family! 

This Card Set Includes:

  1. Supporting Each Other
  2. Roles Models
  3. Acts of Kindness
  4. Helping Hands
  5. Playing Together´╗┐

Learning Topics

  • Loving and supporting one another
  • Kindness and care
  • Helping one another
  • Positive ways of interacting within a family
  • Being role models for others
  • Acts of kindness and their impact
  • Collaboration and playing together as a family

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