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Highlights: Life & Routines

Practicing Daily Life Interactive Experience

Ages 3-5
40 minutes

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Content Summary

Our activity cards provide children ages 3 - 5 a fun-filled audio experience that inspires them to play and engage through stories, poems, questions, facts, jokes, movement and imagination games. Each card set is comprised of 5 cards.

Partnering with Highlights, our activity card sets bring Highlights’ timeless content to life!

Time management, organization, and security; routines set children up for success and Storypod is here to help! Created in collaboration with Highlights, the Life & Routines card set was crafted to get your child acquainted with the importance of practicing life’s routines through engaging activities that incorporate music, poems, movement, and their imaginations. Children will connect with and learn about familiar activities like getting ready for bed, grocery shopping, and getting a haircut. They’ll also be encouraged to establish other important practices, like spending quality time with family, cleanliness, and self-care. Put a spotlight on the ordinary through these fun, interactive activity cards that’ll inspire your little one to develop daily habits that will last a lifetime!

The Life & Routines Card Set includes:

  1. Getting Around
  2. Feeding Ourselves
  3. Bonding Time
  4. Getting Ready for Bed
  5. Caring for Ourselves

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