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I am Abraham Lincoln

Heroically Compassionate Leader

Ages 5+
14 minutes
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Content Summary

Fighting for what’s right isn’t always easy, but a young Abraham Lincoln learned early on that you have to use your voice to stand up for those who can’t. From his meager log cabin beginnings, little Abraham never backed down from sticking up for what he believed in, a trait that would follow him into his presidency. A great way to inspire your child to change the world, this Token blends history and virtue to expose them to themes such as justice, integrity, and the power of education!


  1. Introduction (0:41)
  2. Early Life (5:23)
  3. Legacy & Timeline of Life (5:47)
  4. Credits (1:09)

Learning Topics

  • Doing the Right Thing
  • Changing the World
  • Historical Concepts
  • Leadership

Credits & Copyright

Featuring the official audiobook recording from:
Listening Library, an imprint of Penguin Random House Audio
Text © 2014 by Forty-four Steps, Inc.
Illustration © 2014 by Christopher Eliopoulos
℗ 2019 Penguin Random House LLC

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