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Numbers & Routines Learning Set

2 Years, 6 Months Old – Set 8

Strengthen early counting and routine awareness with the 'Numbers & Routines Learning Set,' pairing counting reinforcement and daily pattern familiarity through captivating musical stories.

Teaches About:

  • The basic concept of numbers
  • Counting from 1 to 10 with confidence
  • Visual and auditory number recognition
  • Daily routines
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While Storypod Audio Content can be enjoyed by children of all ages, children under 3 years old should only use Storypod under adult supervision.

In this Learning Set

  • Piper & The Dots

    Piper & The Dots

    This Pinna Original podcast follows playful preschooler Piper on an interactive, musical adventure around her home and neighborhood.

  • My First Numbers Book

    My First Numbers Book

    Start counting with "My First Numbers," where melody leads the learning journey! Sing, count, and giggle through vibrant pages designed for little learners.

  • My First Numbers Card Set

    My First Numbers Card Set

    Discover numbers joyfully with 'My First Numbers Card Set'. Visual and auditory learning combine, making early math fun and interactive for your little one.