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Rambee Boo & The Christmas Sock

Holiday Hide & Seek Adventure

Ages 3-5
5 minutes
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Content Summary

Rambee Boo and Rock are ready for the holidays except… where’s Sock? Lost in the excitement of the Christmas countdown, Rambee and Rock must do everything they can to find their pal so the trio can share in the joys of the season together. Join our heroes as they call upon patience and problem solving to find their friend before it’s too late!

Your child will make important social/emotional connections with this heartwarming story as the heroes engage in their favorite holiday traditions like baking cookies, hanging up stockings, and spending time with loved ones. The rhyming and repetition will strengthen literacy and language development skills, as well!

Learning Topics

  • Friendship & Teamwork
  • The Joy of Giving
  • Holiday Traditions

Credits & Copyright

Writing: Reena Korde Pagnoni
Illustrations: Stephen Lomazzo
Mixing: Yamin Benarroch

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