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Sammy Songbird

Bedtime Songs & Stories

Recommended for Ages 3+

Total Runtime: 32 minutes

Included in Learning Sets

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Meet Sammy Songbird, from the brilliant mind of Chris Dorman, a farmer and musician who founded Music for Sprouts, a movement-based music program that encourages families to connect to nature and to each other. His curriculum is the musical foundation for Vermont PBS' Mister Chris And Friends, a New England Emmy Award-winning live-music series for kids age 3-8.

Join Sammy Songbird, Melodee Moose and the Craftie Campers on a “just before bedtime” adventure like no other! This collection of original, interactive songs and stories invites you and your family to sing, move your bodies, share your feelings, and settle into sweet slumber beneath the stars ✨


  1. Ready For Adventure (0:46)
  2. Yoo Hoo (2:02)
  3. The Hike (0:38)
  4. Here We Go (2:20)
  5. Let’s Jump (0:35)
  6. Jump Up and Down (2:34)
  7. Awake as The Sun (0:25)
  8. Pick Me Up (2:46)
  9. Brush My Beak (0:16)
  10. Sparkle Shine (1:55)
  11. Stretch Up to the Stars (6:13)
  12. My Two Hands (1:00)
  13. You Shine (2:11)
  14. I Am Nervous (0:27)
  15. Here With You (2:08)
  16. Sway (6:13)


Writing: Chris Dorman, Emma Cook

Recording and Mixing: Caleb Bronz, Glenn Brown, Jared Slomoff

Mastering: Joe Egan

Voice Acting: Chris Dorman, Elisabeth Pixley-Fink, Violet Mercieca, Sammy Dorman, Henry Dorman
Learn more about Music For Sprouts:

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