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Tex & Indi: All Types of Animals

Farm Life, Zoo Wonders, and Furry Friends

Ages 4-5
8 minutes
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Content Summary

From exploring the farm to visiting the zoo, there's a world of animals to discover when Tex & Indi are on the scene! Your child will enjoy adventures with Tex & Indi and their sister Arizona, while exploring themes like understanding animals, compassion, and spending quality time with family and pets. Whether it's a rainy-day drawing animals indoors or a family trip to the animal shelter to rescue a kitten, “Tex & Indi: All Types of Animals” provides engaging and educational stories for your child!

Highlight’s books are perfect for young readers. Repeating sentence structure helps to support fluency and familiarization with language, while exposure to different types of animals will help them expand their knowledge and vocabulary.

🧠 An interactive opinion question session at the end of each story allows your little one to interact and engage while sharing their opinions!

Pages: 24
Size: 9" x 6"

Learning Topics

  • Family relationships
  • Different types of animals in different environments
  • How people can interact with animals
  • How to treat and respect animals
  • Examples of farm animals, zoo animals, and pets

Credits & Copyright

Writing: Lissa Rovetch
Illustrations: Amy Wummer

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