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Aerial Wonders

High Flying Adventures

Ages 5+
78 minutes

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Content Summary

Take off on an incredible adventure with the Storypod "Aerial Wonders" Token! This educational and entertaining token opens up the skies to your little aviators, helping them explore aviation history, atmospheric science, and much more. From interviews with a pilot to adventures with rescue helicopters, every tap of this token on your Storypod device brings a flight-themed experience to life.


  1. Interview With A Pilot (9:45)
  2. Flying With Birds (9:22)
  3. Rescue Helicopter Adventure (8:53)
  4. Kites Vs. Drones (9:37)
  5. Discovering The History Of Flight (7:27)
  6. How Aircrafts Fly (7:02)
  7. Exploring The Highest Mountains (10:35)
  8. All About The Seven Wonders (14:55)

Learning Topics

  • Aviation History
  • The Science Behind Flying
  • Exploration
  • Geography
  • World Wonders

About Tokens

Tokens are collectable magnetic tiles that delight kids with songs, stories, and learning content when tapped on The Storypod ✨

Storypod Tokens are tested and appropriate for children 18 months and older. However, adult supervision is advised for all children under 3 years of age.