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Space Wonders

Out Of This World Adventures

Recommended for Ages 5+

Total Runtime: 59 minutes

Included in Learning Sets

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Storypod is proud to present our new line of colorful, stackable, magnetic Tokens! The perfect way to collect captivating stories, these Tokens bring your child just one tap away from unlocking audio experiences that will bring them joy while developing foundational listening comprehension and language development skills.

Your young space cadet will journey from the comfort of home to the farthest corners of our solar system. As they jet off, they will uncover mesmerizing facts about our planets, stars, and the vast infinity that is space. Thisย token will let them dive into the daily life of an astronaut, revealing the challenges and thrill of space exploration. Ready for liftoff? The adventure awaits! ๐Ÿš€

This Token Teaches About:ย 

  1. Our Solar System and its Planets
  2. The Role of Space Telescopes
  3. Famous Astronauts & Their Contributions
  4. Natural Phenomena like Solar Eclipses
  5. The Relationships Between Earth and the Moon


  1. Interview With An Astronaut (8:31)
  2. Exploring Our Solar System (7:16)
  3. Space Telescopes (6:48)
  4. Venus Vs. Jupiter (8:48)
  5. Solar Eclipse (7:45)
  6. Meeting Famous Astronauts (8:58)
  7. Shining Stars (5:43)
  8. The Earth And The Moon (5:40)
Storypod Tokens are tested and appropriate for children 18 months and older. However, adult supervision is advised for all children under 3 years of age as Storypod Tokens contain small parts that may cause choking if handled improperly.

While Storypod Audio Content can be enjoyed by children of all ages, children under 3 years old should only use Storypod under adult supervision.

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