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Promi The Zoonicorn

Sing, Share, & Shine

Recommended for Ages 3-6

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We're thrilled to announce that Promi from Zoonicorn is coming to Storypod! Please note we anticipate high demand so preorder now to ensure you take home Promi to your kiddos this holiday season 🦄

Join Promi, the insightful Zoonicorn as seen on PeacockTV, in the whimsical Zooniverse with tales and songs of friendship, collaboration, and emotional learning. Promi stands out for her wisdom, kindness, and creativity. She is patient, giving friendly advice and encouraging her friends and young listeners to embrace the beauty around them and approach life with independence and a creative spark. Together with the other Zoonicorns, Promi tackles everyday challenges that your little ones can relate to through songs and stories!

This Craftie Teaches About:

  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Optimism & Resilience 
  • Managing Emotions
  • Being Yourself
  • Valuing Differences


1. Theme Song
2. King Pancake Episode
3. Banding Together Episode
3. Paint It Back Episode
4. Aliel's Song
5. Ene's Song
6. Promi's Song
7. Valeo's Song
8. "Be a Friend, Make a Friend" Song
9. "Let Go" Song
10. "Never Give Up"  Song
11.  "A New Point of View"  Song
12. "Promi Odessa"  Song
13. "Yes You Can"  Song
14. "Zooniverse" Song 

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