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Storypod Explorer Craftie Bundle
Explorer Craftie Bundle
Save $5.00!
Storypod Craftie Bundles Small Variety Craftie Bundle
Small Variety Craftie Bundle
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Storypod Craftie Bundles Brainy Craftie Bundle
Brainy Craftie Bundle
Save $5.00!

The Magical Storyteller That Engages Kids Independently & Makes Learning Fun — All Without Screens

Storypod Mom's Choice Award Recipient

The perfect present for your developing preschooler

Kids Trigger Interactive Audio By Tapping Special Audio Figurines, Books, & Trivia Cards on the Storypod Speaker

Daniel Tiger

Record your kids stories they’ll cherish

iCrafties are special audio figurines that let you send your own recordings to them from any phone!

"We are loving Storypod! Makes my kids forget about screens ❤️”

My kids love this! The moment they wake up they're asking for it. I love how invested they get and I'm amazed by the topics they learn 😍
The girls are loving the audiobooks from Storypod! Just scan the book or place a Craftie on the Storypod and listen to stories and songs.

The read-along audiobooks are fun and engaging with lots of sound effects! At the end of the story, use the Storypod to answer questions about the book for reading comprehension and fun!
We received our story pod! Kids are hooked!! This is SO awesome! 🤩 THANK YOU :) Now have to get one for all my nieces and nephews!
My girls' wish came true when the Daniel Tiger Craftie launched... looking at #1 and 2 fans here (had to get them each their own)! 😄🧡
Literally the BEST thing I got for my baby. She loves dancing and singing along with her little friends!!!🔥🙌❤️
I’ve just received a short video sent by my daughter in Singapore showing my 4 year old grandson with his Storypod, he’s so excited and can’t stop singing along and chatting. I’m delighted and can’t wait to see more of him with his other crafties when they arrive. Really glad this project came to life, thank you team 🙏
Interchangeable Sleeves
360 Sound + Headphone Jack
Child-Friendly Padding
WiFi, 16GB Storage, & 10hr Battery

A Bright Speaker, To Raise Bright Kids

The Storypod has the smarts to match its looks. Kids have fun learning through interactive audio-play and parents control its settings using the Storypod app.

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