Scones, teacups, and a holiday candle sit atop a wooden table.

Embracing a Multicultural Holiday Season in Your Home

One of the most beautiful things about the holidays are the traditions that help us feel connected with our families and our heritage. While it’s great to keep the rituals we hold dear alive in our homes, wouldn’t it be great to take the time to learn about the varied beliefs and practices of those around us? As our communities continue to become more diverse, it’s important for our children to grow up cognizant of the people and customs that, together, make the world an interesting and beautiful place. Consider the following tips to embrace a multicultural holiday season in your home this year!

  1. Attend multicultural holiday events. Scour the internet and newspapers for holiday events that will expose your family to new cultures and traditions. Churches that cater to specific populations may have concerts or festivals that you can attend at a low cost or even for free. Don’t forget to take a look at the events your local performance venue is offering for the month of December!
  2. Throw a multicultural holiday party. Put together a gathering where everyone brings a dish, decoration, game, or custom from their culture. This is an event where everyone has the opportunity to share and learn!
  3. Look to your friend group for help. Have a friend who observes a different winter holiday than you? If appropriate, see if you can attend one of their events or bring the kids to help them out around the house in preparation for their holiday.
  4. Embrace multicultural images in your toys and decor. Did you know that you can find Santas, elves, and nutcrackers in all shades and skin tones? The small effort made to include some diversity in your holiday displays or toys could add up to big results in your young child’s understanding of inclusivity. Don’t know where to start? Check out Storypod’s Black Santa Craftie for a fun way to expose your child to reimagined nursery rhymes, songs, and stories that encourage people of all backgrounds to come together!
  5. Gather books from the library. Whether it’s informational books that teach about different Christmas customs or a beautifully illustrated folk story from afar, your local library is sure to have tons of fun and interesting books that bring to life the traditions from across the globe.
  6. Explore the international grocery stores in your area. See what foods they’ve got on display and take some home to try out. Indulge in a La Rosca de Reyes from your local Latin grocery or a Panettone from an Italian bakery. Food is one of the best ways to learn about other cultures!

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