A father holds his 1-year-old daughter in his lap while reading her a book on an outside bench. Although 1-year-olds may not understand everything you are reading to them, they are gaining a lot from having a regular reading routine.

What is My 1-Year-Old Getting Out of Storytime?

Storytime is not only a delightful bonding experience for parents and their 1-year-olds but also an essential tool for their holistic development. Though it might seem that these little ones are too young to comprehend the stories being read to them, they are actually benefiting in numerous ways that contribute to their growth and learning. From enhancing their language development to cultivating a positive attitude toward reading and learning, here are some key aspects of what your 1-year-old is gaining from those precious moments spent immersed in the world of stories.

  1. Bonding and Emotional Development - Storytime serves as a valuable opportunity for parents and their 1-year-olds to bond and connect emotionally. The closeness experienced during this shared activity creates a sense of security and trust, fostering a strong parent-child relationship. As parents cuddle, speak soothingly, and engage with their little ones through the power of storytelling, it not only enhances the child's emotional well-being but also reinforces a deep sense of love and attachment.
  2. Print Awareness and Early Literacy Skills - While a 1-year-old might not yet comprehend the intricacies of words and language, storytime lays the foundation for developing print awareness and early literacy skills. Children start to recognize that books are a source of knowledge and entertainment, and they become familiar with the basic elements of a book, such as holding it upright, turning the pages, and understanding that words convey meaning. These foundational skills form the building blocks for future reading abilities. You can read more about strengthening print awareness in your 1-year-old here!
  3. Language Development - At this age, children are like sponges, absorbing every bit of information from their surroundings. Storytime exposes them to new words, sounds, and sentence structures, enriching their language development. Hearing a variety of words during storytelling helps broaden their vocabulary and comprehension, which are essential for effective communication later in life. Furthermore, when parents engage with their 1-year-olds by asking questions and encouraging their participation, it stimulates their speech and language skills even further. Learn about what your little one's language development will look like this year in this article!
  4. Sense of Routine and Predictability - Young children thrive on routines, and story time can become a cherished and predictable part of their daily life. Having a regular story time routine helps create a sense of stability and security for the child, especially during times of change or transition. As they anticipate the familiar routine, it fosters a sense of comfort, making the child feel more at ease and secure in their environment.
  5. Positive Attitude toward Reading and Learning - Exposing children to books and stories from an early age instills a positive attitude toward reading and learning. When storytime is associated with pleasure, warmth, and affection, children naturally associate reading with positive emotions. This positive association encourages them to view books as sources of joy and curiosity, motivating them to explore and engage with books on their own as they grow older. Moreover, the positive attitude toward learning extends beyond reading and lays the groundwork for a lifelong love of learning.

Storytime with a 1-year-old is far more than just an adorable moment to capture on camera; it is a pivotal aspect of their developmental journey. As parents engage in this enriching activity, they build a strong emotional bond with their child while also providing essential cognitive stimulation. The benefits of storytime encompass the nurturing of language skills, print awareness, and the cultivation of a positive attitude toward reading and learning. So, keep the stories flowing, (there's no shortage in Storypod's content library!) and watch your little one embark on a lifetime of curiosity, imagination, and knowledge!

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