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How it works

  1. Tell us your child’s age to find the recommended starting Audio Set

  2. Subscribe and receive your Storypod with stage-based starter content

  3. Receive a new Audio Set every 2 months with content supporting key milestones

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Have Questions?

  • What do I get when I subscribe?

    Tell us your child's age and we'll recommend the right starting point. Your first Audio Set will include the Storypod Audio Player and a starter selection of content from our library of audio characters, books and trivia decks.

    Each Storypod Audio Player also includes an iCraftie Owl yarn character to make your own recordings using the Storypod Parent app on your smartphone.

    Then every 2 months, we'll send your another set of age-appropriate content that helps your child reach key developmental milestones.

  • What ages is the Storypod designed for?

    As your child grows, so does the audio content – from snuggly lullabies and dance-inducing songs to engaging stories and interactive trivia, Storypod has Audio Sets for all kiddos from 0-24 months to 6 years old.

    For babies, our Audio Sets focus on early language development, music and motor skills, and supporting a consistent sleep routine.

    For toddlers, our Audio Sets focus on developing cognitive, vocabulary, listening, and reading skills.

    For preschoolers and older, our Audio Sets offer interactive audio-play that foster their independence, emotional growth, and literacy.

  • How long does my subscription last?

    You can cancel your subscription at any time. Read our Subscription Terms for full details.

  • How does Storypod determine which items I will receive for the subscription?

    Our Audio Sets were created by early childhood development experts for a specific age. All you have to do is tell us your kiddo's age and we'll send you the appropriate set to nurture their growth towards key developmental milestones.

  • What if I want products that are not in my subscription plan?

    You can purchase audio content not found in our subscription sets in our Audio Library.

  • Does the Storypod need to be plugged in to play audio?

    Your Storypod has a long-lasting rechargeable battery that provides 7+ hours of continuous play time.

    Just connect your Storypod with the provided cable to a USB charger when the battery is low.

  • Does the Storypod need a WiFi connection to play audio?

    After your Storypod downloads new audio for the first time, you can take it with you anywhere you go – no WiFi required!

    When setting up Storypod for the first time, you will be required to establish a WiFi connection. Once the connection has been established, Storypod will connect to WiFi independently.