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Body & Wellness Learning Set

3 Years, 6 Months Old – Set 12

Encourage the basics of personal health and self-care with the 'Body & Wellness Learning Set,' featuring interactive storytelling and dynamic songs to promote an understanding of body awareness and healthy habits.

Teaches About:

  • Body parts and their functions
  • The value of personal well-being
  • Physical activity through music
  • Healthy eating
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While Storypod Audio Content can be enjoyed by children of all ages, children under 3 years old should only use Storypod under adult supervision.

In this Learning Set

  • Molly and the Sugar Monster

    Molly and the Sugar Monster

    This Pinna Original podcast teaches kids the importance of eating right, exercising, and caring for their bodies through silly scenarios.

  • Puss In Boots

    Puss In Boots

    Come along with Puss in Boots, teaching listeners about body parts, clothing, teamwork, perseverance, and community through engaging storytelling and activities.

  • The Highlights Monster Collection

    The Highlights Monster Collection

    Learn about healthy routines, friendship, and caring for others through playful stories about imaginary monster friends in "The Highlights Monster Collection!"

  • Body & Clothes with Puss in Boots

    Body & Clothes with Puss in Boots

    "Body & Clothes with Puss in Boots" teaches and engages your child, prompting them to share opinions confidently, while identifying body parts and clothing items.

  • Songs for Teaching: Taking Care of Yourself

    Songs for Teaching: Taking Care of Yourself

    Learn healthy habits, safety, and body awareness through catchy, instructive tunes for children with Songs for Teaching. Blend melody with self-care essentials.

  • Songs for Teaching: Move Your Body

    Songs for Teaching: Move Your Body

    Enjoy energizing physical fun with "Move Your Body" songs! These lively melodies inspire children to explore, dance, and celebrate movement and their bodies.

    Body & Wellness Activity Book

    Companion Activity Book

    Your child's favorite characters spring from audio to the page with the companion Activity Book included in this Learning Set.

    Kiddos get to touch, trace, and solve with familiar friends they've come to love, reinforcing the auditory skill-building.

    Body & Wellness Activity Book

    Helps Your Child Practice:

    • Identifying Parts of the Body
    • Patterns
    • Tracing
    • Creative Expression
    • Imaginative Play