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Emmi Elephant

A Musical Adventure

Recommended for Ages 3-5

Total Runtime: 41 minutes

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Dive into the rhythmic world with Emmi Elephant as she embarks on a musical journey, encountering a medley of animal maestros along the way. Her passion for jazz drives her to connect with fellow musicians, like the guitar-strumming Manu Monkey, forging delightful harmonies that resonate deep within the soul.

Together, they create a band that introduces children to the vibrant sounds of different instruments, with a special spotlight on jazz. Your child will be tapping their feet, exploring various timbres, and perhaps finding their own favorite instrument!

This Craftie Teaches About:

  1. Introduction to Various Instruments
  2. The Vibrant World of Jazz
  3. The Joy of Musical Collaboration
  4. Meeting and Connecting through Music


  1. Introduction
  2. Song - “Follow Emmi Elephant”
  3. Making Music
  4. Listener Activity
  5. Skyler Sloth Swinging Tempo
  6. Song - “Where Will The Tempo Go?”
  7. Manu Monkey’s Melody
  8. Song - “Playing Guitar”
  9. Sunny Seagull Sea Serenade
  10. Song - “Your Voice is All That You Need”
  11. Riley Racoon’s Rhythm
  12. Song - “Feel The Rhythm”
  13. Joyful Jam Concert
  14. Song - “What Does a Band Need to Make Music?”
  15. Closing

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