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Jealous Monster

Emotional Regulation Skill-Building

Ages 2-5
40 minutes

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Content Summary

Welcome to the world of Storypod's Emotional Learning Monsters, featuring our newest monster friend - Jealous Monster!

Crafted with the expertise of a Social Thinking® Teacher and Certified Speech Language Pathologist, our unique series offers children a delightful mix of stories, songs, and activities that center on various emotions. This installment takes a deep dive into the emotion of jealousy to help kids grapple with their big feelings.

Join Jealous Monster on their daily adventures, navigating the world around them. Whenever Jealous Monster begins to feel envious, insightful lessons, soothing songs, and various strategies come into play to help them understand and manage their feelings of jealousy. Grown-Up Monster facilitates conflict resolution, reminding children that it's okay to feel jealous and teaching them to wait their turn patiently.


  1. Introduction & Jealous Monster Theme Song (2:27)
  2. Introduction of Grown-Up Monster (5:43)
  3. “Body Check” Song (1:53)
  4. Being a Special Helper (3:09)
  5. “You Are Loved” Song (2:18)
  6. Sharing Toys (4:37)
  7. “Celebrate My Jealousy” Song (2:19)
  8. Making Pancakes (4:39)
  9. “Sharing Fun Times” Song (1:57)
  10. Jealous Feelings Tell Us What We Like (3:35)
  11. “Jealousy Moves Me” Song (2:00)
  12. Jump in Puddles Activity (1:02)
  13. Closing (0:59)
  14. “I Feel Better” Song (2:14)
  15. “Storypod Goodbye” Song (1:05)

Learning Topics

  • Recognizing signals of jealousy for increased self-awareness
  • Emotional regulation techniques to manage intense feelings of envy
  • Engaging and practical songs to help tackle jealousy in real time
  • Empathizing with others who might be experiencing similar feelings

Credits & Copyright

Co-Written by Jacki Rubin
Music by Megan Schoenbohm and Nisha Asnani
Voice Acting by Nathanael Taylor & DaShaun Williams
Recording, sound design, mixing and mastering by Scantic River Productions