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Kalinda Koala

Alphabet Adventure

Ages 3-4
47 minutes

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Content Summary

Join Kalinda Koala and her friend, Zephyr Zebra, as they embark on an exciting journey through Alphabet Land to find the missing letters on their map. They stop at each letter and meet an animal that helps them move onto the next!

From A to Z, your child will discover fascinating animal facts, understand the importance of friendship, and get a grasp on the sequence of the alphabet. It's a heartwarming trek packed with knowledge and fun!

Through songs, stories, and interactive activities, children will learn about letters, vowels, and consonants while having a blast with Kalinda and her friends. 


  1. Introduction
  2. "The Alphabet" Song
  3. Finding the Map
  4. “ABC Tumble Down D” Song
  5. Starting the Journey
  6. Listener Activity
  7. “Through The Alphabet We Go” Song
  8. Finding Vowels
  9. “We Learn Vowel Sounds” Song
  10. Listener Activity
  11. Finding Consonants
  12. "Consonants We Sing" Song
  13. Finding the Last Letters
  14. "Missing Alphabet" Song
  15. Closing

Learning Topics

  • Alphabetic Order
  • Phonemic Awareness
  • Vowel & Consonant Sounds
  • Fascinating Animal Facts for Each Letter
  • The Value of Friendship

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