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Lola Dutch

A Whimsical Imagination Adventure

Ages 5-7
6 minutes

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Content Summary

Introducing "Lola Dutch" - an enchanting book that will transport you into the imaginative world of Lola, a spirited young girl who is bursting with creativity and originality. This delightful tale is sure to captivate young listeners and ignite their own sense of wonder and adventure.

From crafting elegant breakfast feasts to creating majestic blanket forts for the perfect sleeping spot, Lola's imagination knows no bounds. Accompanied by her loyal companions, Bear, Crane, Gator, and Pig, Lola embraces her unique perspective and demonstrates how to infuse every day with grandeur and fun.

Narrated with heartwarming charm, this book celebrates the power of imagination and the joy of embracing one's individuality. Through Lola's escapades, children will be inspired to let their own imaginations soar and discover the magic in even the simplest moments. Get ready to fall in love with Lola Dutch and embark on a whimsical adventure that will leave you craving more!

🧠 An interactive trivia session at the end of the book develops your little one's listening skills and cognition!

Pages: 36
Size: 9.25" x 7.25"

Learning Topics

  • Creativity and imaginative thinking
  • Embracing individuality and uniqueness
  • Finding joy in creative exploration and everyday moments
  • Making ordinary activities extraordinary
  • Nurturing a sense of wonder and curiosity
  • Friendship and companionship

Credits & Copyright

Writing: Sarah Jane & Kenneth Wright
Illustrations: Sarah Jane Wright

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