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Lola Dutch I Love You So Much

The Joy of Giving: Spreading Love and Friendship

Ages 5-7
6 minutes
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Content Summary

Step into the delightful world of Lola Dutch with the book, "Lola Dutch I Love You So Much." Lola Dutch's love for her friends knows no bounds. When her beloved companions are feeling down, Lola springs into action, knowing exactly how to bring a smile to their faces. Whether it's sewing cozy pajamas for Gator, creating the perfect reading nook for Crane, or taking Pig on a whimsical adventure to the park, Lola's boundless affection shines through in every thoughtful gesture. 

But there's someone special in Lola's life who she wants to express her appreciation to—her dear friend, Bear. Can Lola find the perfect way to show Bear just how much she cares?

Narrated with warmth and tenderness, this book celebrates the power of friendship and the joy of expressing love. Lola Dutch's unwavering enthusiasm and limitless affection will inspire children to embrace the beauty of friendship and discover the incredible impact their own gestures of love can have.

🧠 An interactive trivia session at the end of the book develops your little one's listening skills and cognition!

Pages: 36
Size: 9.25" x 7.25"

Learning Topics

  • Creativity
  • Being Yourself
  • Caring for Friends
  • Being Supportive to Those You Love
  • Kind Gestures
  • Love languages

Credits & Copyright

Writing: Sarah Jane & Kenneth Wright
Illustrations: Sarah Jane Wright

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