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Storypod Emotional Learning Monster Crew Bundle

Emotional Regulation Skill-Building

Total Runtime: 243 minutes

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Discover theĀ award-winning audio system that engages kids with multisensory stories, music, and skill-building at every stage āœØ

This specialĀ Storypod bundleĀ is the perfect starterĀ for parents eager to helpĀ their little learners manageĀ their BIG emotions ā¤ļø

Co-written by a Social ThinkingĀ® Teacher/Certified Speech Language Pathologist, thisĀ emotiveĀ crew of original Storypod Crafties provide your littleĀ learners withĀ catchyĀ songs, thoughtful stories, and engaging activities centered around an emotion to help themĀ understand and manage theirĀ intenseĀ feelings.

Listen along asĀ Grown-Up Monster helps the Emotional Monsters navigate real-world challenges together in a variety of situations including the playground, birthday parties, visit to the doctor's office, trip to the zoo, and everyday adventures at home. When things donā€™t goĀ the Emotional Monsters' way, Grown-Up MonsterĀ is there to offer empathy andĀ guidance for best managing each situation.

What's in theĀ Emotion Learning Monster Crew bundle:

    Together,Ā this adorable crew ofĀ Crafties offers over 4 hours of fantastic content featuring 100 learning songs, stories, and activities āœØ

      Co-Written by Jacki Rubin
      Music by Megan Schoenbohm, Nisha Asnani, Dave Berg, andĀ Scantic River Productions
      Voice Acting by Harrison O'Callaghan, Teajuana Scott,Ā Greg Balla, Lina Marie,Ā Harrison O'Callaghan, Teajuana Scott,Ā Kyra Anthony, Hunter Goetz, Alexandra Rose DeAngelis,Ā Al Ro, Anya Krawcheck, Graham Carpenter,Ā Nathanael Taylor, DaShaun Williams
      Recording, sound design, mixing and mastering by Scantic River Productions

      While Storypod Audio Content can be enjoyed by children of all ages, children under 3 years old should only use Storypod under adult supervision.