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Squish Tales Volumes 1-4

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Introduce your child to the hilarious and educational world of Squish, the comic book-loving amoeba, and his microbiotic friends! Come along in “Squish #1: Super Amoeba” and join the hapless grade-school heroes as Squish contends with bullies and detention, all while learning important scientific facts and social-emotional skills. In “Squish #2: Brave New Pond,” Squish grapples with balancing old and new friendships, accomplishing school-year resolutions, and succumbing to peer pressure - common problems for all children. In “Squish #3: The Power of the Parasite,” Squish heads to swim camp and befriends Basil, a hydra with different ideas on "super awesome fun," leading Squish to learn important lessons about healthy friendships. And in “Squish #4: Captain Disaster,” Squish is determined to turn his soccer team's losing streak around and learns about teamwork and sportsmanship along the way. With whimsical storytelling and plenty of biology facts sprinkled in, these Tokens provide a fun and clever way for your child to learn important life lessons while also getting hooked on science!

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